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As 2019 comes to a fast-paced close, I recall the pleasure of speaking to a variety of audiences at events across the country. I love the energy in the room and meeting those who are ambitious to think differently about collaboration, budgets, and decisions using data to unify diverse opinions and perspectives. Thanks to technology, this has never been more possible in the history of business, but it’s also never been more difficult. 

Helping Marketing and Sales Leaders and Executives expand their expertise in planning, prioritizing, budgeting, managing, and measuring profitable growth is a passion of mine – it’s why I love talking about Revenue Operations. When all aspects of your business and growth efforts align, the outcomes can exceed your wildest expectations.

“Tara is my favorite speaker so far. Very valuable info and the real-life examples helped me see its importance.”

‒ Founders Bootcamp Keynote Attendee

Get the Right Data into the Hands of the Right People


During my speaking events, people often nod in agreement when I say, “Some people are experts in marketing and sales strategy, some are experts in finance and accounting, and some are experts in data and business intelligence, but rarely can any one person do all of those things or tie all those skills together in a practical conversation about measuring profitability of marketing and sales budgets.”

In these talks, we discuss how to get the right decision-driving data into the hands of the right people from tactical implementers to department managers to boards of directors, because when it comes to marketing and sales, the data has different meanings to different people. Wrong data or missing data directly leads to poor budgeting, uninformed decisions, high cost of sales, and lower rates of revenue production. 

Aligning company resources to a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) strategy that’s focused on profitable growth fundamentally changes the way companies manage accountability and evaluate decisions. Every company of every size can and should be making data-driven decisions and most should be automating those data dashboards for everyone in the organization who needs to manage work aligned to corporate strategy. 

“Reporting is the past, planning is the future, optimization is getting it all done and measuring the results. This was a very focused and informed session. Excellent learning opportunity.”

‒ Enterprise University Attendee

Speaking Engagement Topics


If you are thinking ahead to 2020, as most of us are, here are a couple of my favorite, most recent speaking engagements that can help you and/or your company navigate the unknowns and clarify how you can use data and implement end-to-end revenue production™ to align all the parts of your business for maximum revenue. 

Topic 1: Measuring Profitability of Marketing and Sales Budgets

You must spend money to make money, but how do you right-size your marketing and sales budgets? How do you measure what’s working and what’s not to get more revenue bang for your buck? How can you assure that your marketing and sales budgets align with your strategic plan? Can you hold your teams accountable for their performance? In this workshop, these questions are answered as you learn how to get the right data in the hands of the right people to manage the performance of the right initiatives at each level of your organization, so you CAN achieve all of the above and optimize your Revenue Return on Investment.


Empower Performance with the Right People Accessing and Providing the Right Data
Make Data-Driven Decisions about Budget Size and Allocation in your Strategic Planning Process
Build a Data Strategy and Culture that Thrives on Profitable Performance and ROI Accountability
This course is perfect for Marketing and Sales Leaders, Business Owners, Executives, and a combination thereof, who are working to determine budgets and metrics aligned to their 2020 strategic plan (and those who want to, but don’t know where to start). 

Topic 2: Better Data, Bigger Budgets, and CFO Love — Yes, You CAN Have It All!

With so much data available from so many different sources, research and decisions have never been more complex. Instead of a world with no data, gut instinct, and spaghetti-on-the-wall strategies, we now have vanity metrics, data manipulation, and KPI conflicts. Where’s the happy medium? How can we, as leaders, get the right level of data to the right people within our organizations and help them use it to compete, achieve, and advance in ways that are impossible in both an under-data and over-data environment?

In this keynote, we discuss the difference between tactical-level, managerial-level, executive-level, and board-level metrics, as well as why the wrong metrics in the hands of the wrong people cause more problems and lead to lower performance. Finally, once you have identified the right data access for each level within your organization, how do you make it real without adding another full-time position with the sole responsibility of compiling and reporting data — an expensive but common proposition? 

You will learn data process, data culture, and data automation so that proper data can support appropriate budgets and produce accolades from your executive team, led by the CFO, who now fully understands the importance of investing in your impactful marketing and sales initiatives. The right data leads to bigger budgets and your CFO will love you for it!

This course is perfect for Marketing and Sales Leaders, Business Owners, Executives, and a combination thereof, who want to use accurate data and learn how to manage that data in a budget-friendly way to make the most of their 2020 Revenue Operations goals. You can take a look at clips of this talk on YouTube and get inspired to come to the live event.

“Great presentation today at the Business Boot Camp, I enjoyed it! Your confidence and approach made for a fun and great presentation of a topic that most people view as the ‘unfun part of business.’ Great presentation!”

-Business Fundamentals Bootcamp

Launch Revenue in the New Year

Leadership, innovation, teamwork, collaboration, communications, and project management create the foundation for professional progress. Diagnosing, resolving, and optimizing profitability through real, measurable data and end-to-end revenue production build the levels of success that continue to produce revenue results year-over-year. Join me at one of my speaking events in 2020 and learn how to launch your revenue like never before. I look forward to meeting you!