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Data-driven decisions and accountability
Data-driven decisions and accountability
Data-driven decisions and accountability
Data-driven decisions and accountability
Data-driven decisions and accountability
Data-driven decisions and accountability
Data-driven decisions and accountability

Thank you for considering me as a speaker for your upcoming event. I would like to ensure that I am the best fit for your event in order to deliver the most effective presentation possible. Please browse the topics below, if you feel like one or more of my speaking topics aligns with your organization’s mission let’s talk!

Tara helped create and participated in a workshop to help my three Vistage groups think about best practice remote work plans. She was excited and generous in her co-creation with me and two other panelists. She was passionate about how companies can use dashboards and KPIs to clearly set and track expectations in a remote work situation. She also tied KPIs and dashboards to heart — it’s not just about numbers, it’s about using these tools to create a culture of safety and confidence and motivation. Tara’s presentation was organized, high energy, clear, full of stories, and practical advice. And she was a great communicator and partner for me as the group’s organizer. A real treat! I recommend her as a speaker for your team for 2021. What perfect timing.


Carolyn Washburn
Executive & Leadership Coach, Vistage Worldwide, Inc.



I just watched your presentation for MDMC 2020 and appreciate your insight. I am making the transition from an individual contributor to manager and strategist, so the info you provided was extremely helpful to understand how to bridge the gap between Marketing and executive leaders.


Hui Min Choo
Marketing and Communications Specialist, Yoga Buzz


Tara is a very smart, strategic thinker with a presentation which is sure to help you better focus on your profitability…Tara spoke to Vistage groups and they all took a ton of value away from the presentation…She’ll provide you with some tools that will help you measure your metrics and identify key KPIs for your business…Tara is GREAT!!!


Jeffrey Hindman
President & CEO, The Hindman Group, Inc.


Tara’s Event Topics

Revolving Doors – Why People Aren't Buying the Job You're Selling

People aren’t buying the job you’re selling – why? The traditional HR model of making applicants fit what the business needs doesn’t work anymore. Successful hiring and top talent retention are only possible when there’s a shift from a business-first focus to a people-operations focus, which is about giving people what they need professionally and personally.

Get your copy of the free e-Book here and learn how to stop the revolving door of employee retention. This talk will detail tactics to implement a people operations approach.

Audience: Executives, Owners, Division Leaders/Managers of Small to Mid-Size Businesses

Time: 60-minute or 90-minute keynote or 3-hour workshop with worksheets

Topics for Emerging Leaders, Young Professionals, and Entrepreneurs

Controlling Your Professional Destiny

It’s time to recognize that you add value. That you can control your work product and expand your expertise on your terms. In fact, if it’s not in your control – then who has it? Learn how to actively improve outcomes, push progress, and advance your career and do it with diplomacy, even in the most trying of times. You CAN do what’s right for you and take back your power.

Audience: Young Professionals, Emerging Leaders, Women / Minority Empowerment, Motivation/Inspiration/Vision

Time: 30-minutes, 60-minutes, or 3 hour Workshop or Keynote

Topics for Executives and Entrepreneurs

KPIs Make or Break Your Business

Many companies are still working to determine the right KPIs at the leadership level, never mind which KPIs serve departments or individuals within their organizations. Automated dashboards are truly the only way to get the RIGHT DATA into the hands of the RIGHT PEOPLE so they can make the RIGHT DECISIONS everyday. What you need to know:
What metrics matter and what data is required for the calculation?
Who’s process collects the data and which system stores that data?
How to pick a dashboard technology based on cost, value, and requirements?

Audience: Executives, Owners, Division Leaders/Managers of Small to Mid-Size Businesses

Time: 90-minute or 3-hour keynote with worksheets

Breaking Through Growth Barriers

Running into barriers is a natural part of growing a business. However, most businesses don’t break through those barriers; they either “flatline” or go out of business. Your ability to see beyond your current state, take calculated risks, and inspire your team to overcome these obstacles will determine your fate. This talk provides tactical measures to help you break through barriers and win as a team.
 Audience: Anyone in Business, especially Founders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Startups & Small Business Leadership Teams

Time: 20-minute Highlight & 60-minute Keynote


Founder Flaws, Fantasies and other "F" Words in Business

For as long as business data has been collected – despite the economy, war, globalization, and inflation – 50% of small businesses with employees fail within 5 years. The only commonality in this Failure is another “F” word, Founders. Learn how to avoid the 10 common pitfalls of Founder Fails and other “F” words that could turn you and your business into a statistic and put those who depend on you at risk. Check out Tara in action at Founders Day

Audience: Business Owners, Startup Communities, Innovation Conferences, Founders

Time: 30 or 60-minute Keynote

Escaping the Trap of Vanity Metrics

If your marketing team or agency is trying to sell you on the ROI of brand awareness, we need to talk. Marketing KPIs are more than fluff and vanity metrics, they can and should be directly tied to profitability. This talk covers the breakdown of the marketing budget by metric category, quality, and profitability metrics that matter, and how the right metrics drive accountability in marketing spend and increase revenue with less waste.Audience: Executives and managers who are ready to hold marketing accountable.

Time: 20-minute highlight & 60-minute Keynote


Topics for Marketers

Getting Screwed by the Data Exchange Rate?

A good data exchange rate makes or breaks your digital marketing bank. Let’s look at a couple case studies to see why your data is not the right information to present to the management team and why you aren’t getting the data you need to drive the results that support your digital marketing budget. With this information, you will be armed with solutions to solve everyday challenges when it comes to executive cooperation with digital marketing requirements, such as:

  1. Require the data you need to produce the results your companies expect.
  2. Prove your impact by providing the data executives need for business.
  3. Position Digital Operations beyond the marketing silo with real KPIs.
  4. Agree upfront on data exchange and accessibility for all parties.
  5. Automate and publicize your data to build transparency and trust.

As the digital experts, business leaders are looking to you for these solutions so let’s stop screwing each other with a bad data exchange rate.

Audience: Professional Marketers (Managers, Doers, Agencies—Digital or Traditional)

Time: 20 or 40 minute keynote

Better Data, Bigger Budgets, and CFO Love...You Can Have it All!

In this keynote, we discuss tactical-level, managerial-level, executive-level, and board-level metrics, and why the wrong metrics in the wrong hands cause problems and lower performance. You will learn data process, data culture, data automation, and how proper data supports budgets and gets your executive team to understand the importance of investing in your marketing and sales initiatives. The right data leads to bigger budgets and CFO love!Audience: Marketing (CMOs, Managers, Leaders, GoGetters, Innovators)

Time: 30 or 60-minute Keynote

Spend Less Get More Happier Customers

When was the last time you looked at your customer acquisition process? Do you truly understand the journey from prospect to customer in your own company? In this session, learn how the right analysis of your customer acquisition process allows you to make decisions that will drive down your costs while increasing the number of new, happy customers who love what you offer and refer you to others.

Audience: Small business owners and their management teams.

Time: 30-minute Keynote


Tara’s Other Speaking Topics


Empowering Self-Managed Teams



Business Profits due to the Gig Economy



Budgets, ROI, and Metrics for Business Growth



Revenue Operations: Uniting Marketing, Sales & Customers



Accountability & Expectations for Marketing Agency Relations



Success Requirements for Channel Sales & Partner Programs


Interested in Having Tara Speak on One of These Topics at your Event?