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I’m always very uncomfortable when someone introduces me as their boss. While many may consider the title “Boss” flattering, I hope to be considered much more than the person who pays your bills. I don’t take on employees to fill roles, instead, becoming part of the Atomic Revenue team means I truly believe our working relationship will lead to better results and growth both individually and as a company. I’m fully aware that I’m not skilled or able to run this company completely on my own, which is why I’m beyond grateful to have a wonderful team member who goes above and beyond for our clients. So please, instead of introducing me as your “Boss”, use one of these more-fitting titles instead.

Call me Your Team Leader
I didn’t hire you as an “employee”, I hired you as a “team member”, someone who I can rely on and someone who relies on me. Together we can achieve amazing things that either of us as individuals would find impossible.

Call me Your Enabler
I may sign the checks, but that is only a small part of enabling your success. I simply provide the framework by which you “work to live” not “live to work”. My one goal is that you achieve personal and professional success by your own definitions of those terms, and I would be honored to participate in enabling that outcome.

Call me Your Co-coach
We collaborate to guide team efforts for the desired outcome. Sometime I may provide constructive feedback or guidance and I appreciate your acceptance of such as we forge forward together toward the same goal. I ask the same of you, please speak up when I need to see an alternate perspective and let me know what I can do better to achieve our mutual vision for a successful outcome.

Call me Your Confidant
Sometimes you need someone to listen, ask questions, and just discuss the possibilities to evaluate options in a non-judgmental way. I am here to say that you are not alone, I need that as well, and even though I may hide my moments of weakness from you, please don’t hide yours from me and know that I am here to listen while you figure out what you need to do to proceed.

Call me Your Friend
A good friend is honest, which means sometimes telling you things that you don’t want to hear. I may be one of the first people to ask how you did after a big work or life event, I will ask you how you feel and if you need help, and I will not hesitate to tell you when you’ve messed up. I will be that objective outsider who you can trust to call out the good and the bad knowing that I do so with the best of intentions for your wellbeing.

Call me your Greatest Fan
I have believed in you since we met and even when you face challenges, I stand by your side encouraging you to persevere. I am your biggest cheerleader in every success, and no matter the situation, I am in your corner to help you find the win-win-win outcome of every endeavor.